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Custom Cakes Vs Supermarket

As I start writing my blogs, after a long consideration of what should be my first topic I decided to write about the difference between supermarket and custom cake.


Have you ever had a quote for the custom cake and thought “wow that’s expensive I can get the same cake from the supermarket just for tenner, its only a cake” so the answer is no you cant get the same cake just for £10. And let me explain you why.


As we all love cakes and it is the must have item when it comes to the parties, afternoon teas, picnic or a get together, and with the growing theme party concept the Centre Piece has to be according to the theme. Sometimes you do find your desire cake on the shelf but that happens rarely, but the custom cake is guaranteed to go with your theme because someone designs it for you especially according to your theme/ colour scheme/ flavour. This is called consultation which takes approximately at least an hour or two and when we talk about consultation many professionals do charge for it but most of the cake artists are happy to give you free consultation even though time is money.


During the consultation the cake artist who would make the custom cake for you would normally ask you these…


How many servings will it be ? When and what time you need the cake, would you like it to be delivered or you will collect, what is your colour scheme/theme ? what flavours, icing and toppings you would like ? any special request ? message on the cake ? then she will send you some pics of cakes according to your theme using her internet. you get to choose, make changes or add any details. you don’t get this luxury service by supermarket.


Next, what is inside the two cakes lets compare…..

  • Supermarket cake has mostly very dry heavy two plain sponge layers with jam in the middle and covered with very thick tasteless sugarpaste/fondant. But custom cake has your choice of light fluffy and moist sponge filled with your choice of filling/icing/fruits, covered with your choice of icing/buttercream/Italian butter cream/ chocolate ganache with or without fondant.
  • The standard supermarket cake is 1.75 inch deep with the sugar paste but custom cake is always at least 4 inch deep without the crumb coat and sugar paste.

Now think of the design and decoration

  • Supermarket cake has minimum decorations but custom cakes are decorated according to the theme and design also most of the bakers make all the edible decorations themselves by hand which requires skills and time.


Now look at the ingredients


Supermarket ingredients list for the cake: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Raspberry Jam (8%), Pasteurised Whole Egg, White Frosting (7%), Glucose Syrup, Emulsifiers, Mono- and Di-Acetyl tartaric Esters of Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Sodium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate, Humectant (Glycerine),Maize Starch, Raising Agents, Salt, Preservative, Stabiliser, Acidity Regulator, Colours, Dried Egg White, Flavouring. white icing contains vegetable oil, sugar, glucose, emulsifier.


Packaging: Box and cake card.


Mass production does decrease the production time and labour cost. Plus most of the supermarket bakeries do use cake mixes which only need vegetable oil water and pasteurised eggs. It is an all mix in procedure and this also brings the labour cost and time down.


Saima’s Sweet Art simple vanilla 8 inch custom cake ingredients

  • Self raising flour £.75
  • Caster sugar £1.60
  • Eggs £1.50
  • Milk £.48
  • Vanilla pod £2.00
  • Vegetable oil £2.50
  • Butter £2.00

Butter cream icing ingredients

  • Butter £5.00
  • Icing sugar £6.00
  • Flavour £2.00
  • Gel colour £2.50
  • Sugar paste to cover the cake board and cake from approximately £10.00 to £20.00
  • Cake board £1.50
  • Cake Box£1.50
  • Ribbon to go around the cake board £1.00
  • Ingredients and packaging delivery charges £10.00
  • Gas electricity and fuel charges ?
  • Insurance ?
  • Total cost about between £50 to £60
  • Labour Cost ?

Custom cakes are always made from scratch following the unique recipes and step by step procedure not like cake mixes therefore the labour cost is far more than store bought cakes. An average custom cake takes minimum 7 hours from gathering the ingredients, preparing the tin, baking, cooling down the cake resting crumb coating, final coat, covering with the fondant and other edible details.


How much would you charge for a cake you prepared in 7 hours and spent £60.00 on ?

The store bought cake has longer shelf life because of all the preservatives and artificial flavours and they also have traces of nuts and other unwanted ingredients due to the factory production. Custom made cakes stay fresh for about 10 days maximum due to the fresh ingredients used and free from preservatives you also know when exactly the cake was made specially for you fee from any traces of unwanted ingredients also all custom made cakes are baked fresh, Custom cakes are not like store’s resting on shelf for weeks before you buy and consume it.. Custom made cakes don’t have any ingredient which sound strange or unfamiliar (you know what you are eating).


Now you know why Custom Cakes can not be bought for £10….